Did you know?

  • Only 3% of coaches have a financially successful business.

    There are low completion rates in coaching and training programs. It is hard to get your clients to stay, commit, and upsell to what is next. Client loyalty is hard to come by, even though we all know it is harder to find a new client then keep an existing client happy. These results have become normal, unsurprising and often somewhat expected in the growth and transformation industry.

Some Symptoms of an Industry-Wide Problem Among Changemakers

  • Starting strong, then stagnant results.

  • Little wins, no desired breakthrough.

  • Difficulty maintaining results.

  • Clients lose interest after 30 or 90 days.

  • Low engagement, low completion rates.

  • Inconsistent manifestation - some things land, some don't.

But... What if we told you this is NOT the problem?

We are told it's because of low attention spans, lack of discipline, and ineffective will power.

It's because our industry has an incomplete understanding of Transformation. There are 6 stages of transformation. For a transformation to be complete, you need to cover all 6 stages in your coaching, training and group programs. Most programs only cover the first 3 steps.

That's like...

  • That's like climbing half way up the hill with your skis

    but never reaching the summit to enjoy the ride back down.

  • That's like walking to the store, ordering an ice cream cone, paying

    but not actually enjoying the treat.

  • That's like planning a vacation, booking the tickets, getting on the plane

    getting off at your destination.

...You get the idea.

It leaves your client incomplete. Sure, maybe they have some little wins along the way. Maybe some of them even have significant wins and breakthroughs. BUT if you apply all 6 stages in a deliberate, significant and informed way... you will surprise yourself.

Your client results will increase. Exponentially.

The client success you already have? You will BLOW that out of the water.

  • Retention

    Clients will sign up to work with you over and over again.

  • Loyalty

    You will have clients that want to purchase every offer, program, and special you have.

  • Referrals

    Clients will share you with their friends, because they will be so proud of their results.

  • Recognition

    Your colleagues will recognize you as an industry leader.

  • Collaboration

    Leaders and influences will connect and collaborate with you.

  • Income

    Your products and service sales will increase and your income will grow.

Create these results for yourself.

We will guide you.

We use a proprietary system we developed. Practical, hands-on seminar with lots of opportunity for discussion, support and real-life applications. Bring your program ideas, and the breakthroughs you want to help your clients receive. We will walk through The Client Transformation Formula with you. So you can deliver massive results, consistently, with your clients. If you already have a program, great... learn ways to improve and increase your client results and revenue. If you don't have a program created yet... bring your ideas! We will support you to get massive traction towards your desired outcome.
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Participant Feedback

“Joy and Meaghan's vision couldn't have come at a better time. There is a lot of fear happening now. I want to be part of a movement towards love and hope, and be in a place of expansion and opportunity. It is so important for us to come together, the collective energy rising is so strong. ”

EFT Tapping Queen

Jackie McDonald

“This event was life changing in an unexpected way. It was so incredibly powerful in such a short amount of time. This room, this place, these people are filled with so much love. You will leave changed. ”

Director and Teacher at Yoga Sprout

Crissy Day

“Joy and Meaghan are leading the way. They put a spot light on us, and show us our own powers so we can see it for ourselves. If you are thinking about attending an event like this, do it. You are investing in yourself. ”

Jackie Zychowka

Leave with a Personalized Guide to Fulfilling your Mission!

3 Days to Transform Your Vision Into Reality

We will walk you through our proprietary method for vision, mission and life-changing transformation that you can use with your clients. Get ready to make the impact you know you were born to make!
Leave with a Personalized Guide to Fulfilling your Mission!

Event Schedule

  • Day 1 >> Strategic Vision

    Transform YOU. Discover how your unique code and patterns will position you for success. Unleash your Super Power tap into your potential so you can lead others to their greatness. The techniques you will learn today will help you get your greatest asset working in coherence and resonance with your true desires, intentions and goals.

  • Day 2 >> Transformation Formula

    Transform Your BIZ. Reveal your Competitive Advantage as a coach, teacher or leader. 1 key aspect sets apart the spectacular from the average coaches. This applies to you if your work is dedicated to helping others overcome, uplift or transform into their greatness. We will teach you EXACTLY how to apply this to your specific modality and niche to instantly uplevel your client results, loyalty, conversion and retention.

  • Day 3 >> Biz Expansion Map

    Transform Your IMPACT. Leverage Universal support and collaboration to activate your desire for impact with ease. When you know exactly how to work with the world to bring your vision to reality you unlock limitless potential. You know you were born for a reason and it's time to show the world! Find out if your business is growth-ready. Will your business buckle under the pressure or will it soar to greatness? Day 3 will uncover the keys to success for you, as a powerful Changemaker.

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Jackie McDonald

Participant Story

Coaches, Teachers and Leaders

Your Time is NOW

We are at the leading edge of a massive shift in our world. We have entered a time of Collaboration and Connection. People are looking to leaders who can pave the way and help them expand into their potential. People WANT to discover their purpose, and create meaningful impact in the world.
Coaches, Teachers and Leaders
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Crissy Day

Participant Story

Be Unshakable

Surround yourself with others on the Leading Edge

3 Day LIVE Event. Transform YOU... discover the patterns to unleash your success. Transform your BUSINESS... leverage your competitive advantage as a Transformational Leader, Coach or Teacher. Transform your WORLD... be unshakable in your impact.
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Retreat, relax and rejuvenate in our opulent surroundings. The expansive views overlooking Okanagan Lake will inspire. The 40,000 square foot spa, including infinity pool and 7 different saunas will restore. The farm-to-table cuisine will nourish. Your event ticket includes a beautiful lunch prepared for us by the resort chef each day. We have special room rates for our guests, simply contact the resort to reserve.
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Jackie Zychowka

Her Story

You know you have an IMPACT to make. A DIFFERENCE to create.

Is Transform for you?

Taking the path less traveled is not always easy. Sometimes it is challenging... especially when so many people don't understand. Surround yourself with others who will be there to uplift, support and encourage you. Who will help you. Who will share ideas, collaborate and connect with you. Who will see the truth of what you see. And learn the tools, strategies and techniques that will position you as a CHANGEMAKER.
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Sherry Lukey

Participant Story

Be Unshakable in Your Impact


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